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Car Care

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JETSEN - Headlamp Yellowish Polish ( 200 grams )

Steps to use the product1. First clean the headlamp with a nice wet cloth.2. Pour Headlamp Yellowish..

RM 45.00

Jetsen - Heavy Duty Car Polish Long Lasting Shine 500ml

Steps to use the product : -Wash and clean the car-Dry the surface(warm surface preferred)-Sque..

RM 28.00

JETSEN - Topshine 1 - 200ml

JETSEN TOP SHINE ONE-Polish protect and beautify vinfl rubber, plastic,pvc,finished leather,wooden,f..

RM 16.00

JETSEN - Topshine 2 - 500ml - Restore Shine On Dashboard, Tyre, Etc

JETSEN Top Shine 2 -TS2 can be used at any types of leather, dashboard, woodwork, bumper, tyre ..

RM 16.00

Kleenso - Rain Clear Rain Repel 200g

Kleenso Rain Clear (Rain Repel) forms an instant coating on your windshields to repel rain, and dram..

RM 18.00

Kleenso - Rubber Softener Power Window Lubricant

Kleenso Rubber Softener Power Window Lubricant is an excellent, specially formulated product to be u..

RM 18.00

Kleenso - Tropics Car Wash & Sparkling Wax - For Metallic And Solid Paint 1kg

Kleenso Tropics Car Wash & Sparking Wax is a Tropics-car car wash specially formulated to clean..

RM 20.00

M Series - Nano Pure Ice Wax Syntehtic Polish 250ml 8.45oz

This synthetic polish Polish in 10 minutes.Ideal for newly painted work.Product is friendly for..

RM 22.00

M Series - Nano Tech Tar Remover 125ml

Is specially formulated to remove tarTo bring-out the original paint colour, UV stains, leveling pai..

RM 14.00

Waxco - Heavy Duty Car Polish And Wax 500ml

This product is specially developed for restoring old and dull looking non-metallic paintwork to its..

RM 30.00

Waxco - Nanotech Metlallic Color Scratch Remover

Can remove minor scratches.Used as a levelling paintwork.Can double up as tar remover...

RM 19.00

Waxco Auto Silicone Spray 550ml

Specially developed to Lubricate, clean and protect most automotive parts, window gliding groov..

RM 24.00

Waxco Clear Light Lens Restorer And Treatment - 150ml

 It is ideal for anyone who wishes to restore clarity back to headlights that have become dull ..

RM 32.00