Chemi-Bond - Non Poisonous Rat Glue 220 Gram

Chemi-Bond - Non Poisonous Rat Glue 220 Gram

The Rat Glue is especially designed to be used to capture rats, lizards or cocroaches with the excellent bonding strength, yet is safe to be use in house, office, restaurant and also outdoor.


- Transparent, Optical Clear

- Weather Resistant

- Non-Toxic

- No Smell, No Odour

- Excellent Strength


For catching:

Rats, Lizards, Cocroaches, Insects and etc..


Direction of use:

1. Spread the glue on a cardboard or plywood. 

2. Place baits. e.g: meat or biscuits at the centre.

3. Place the board in places frequented by rats.

4. Rat caught must be disposed or buried accordingly.


* For easy application, heat up the glue in container and pour on a board.

* Use any cooking oil to clean glue stain.

* Water clear color glue also attracts and traps mosquitoes, spiders and other flying insects.

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