Cistern Under water Valve washer Replacement - SEAL ONLY

Cistern Under water Valve washer Replacement - SEAL ONLY

If your cistern flush valve won't seal properly and is constantly passing water into the toilet bowl but there is no sign of an inlet valve failure
this can be due to the base sealing washer need to be changed. 

The reason for this is as Overtime the flush valve is opened and closed, small imperfections tend to occur in the surface of the rubber washer that cause the 
washer to be warped and not providing an adequate seal. 

Many make the mistake of purchasing a full replacement flush valve at the first sign of any issue.

Replacing just this washer may save you a lot time and money in the long-term. 

User may purchase a couple of these washers at one go , so user can have spare ones available in the event that the washer fails again in future.

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