Metal Lock Protector

Metal Lock Protector

After many years of R&D, we are proud to introduce a series of our specially designed sure safe padlock systems, freeing you from security and safety worries.

Our lock protector prevents rain water from rusting and spoiling your padlock. It gives extra protection to secure your valuble assetts. The lock reinforcement device is a

Malaysian registered Industrial Design product by Nakamura Engineering S/B and currently patent pending in Malaysia and PCT.

The front side of the lock protector is the key factor of the entire device. The design of 2 recessed spot at the front makes the lock protector even more solid while the

welding of the joints on both sides of the front strengthens the device's endurance against greater damage, especially in prevention from being pried open.

Since its R&D from 2004 till now, the product has gained wide acceptance from consumers who are now fully confident with its capability in enhancing home security.

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