Navato - 16pieces Hole Saw Set

Navato - 16pieces Hole Saw Set

This product contains 16 pieces of Holesaw Hole Saw Cutter Set Wood Metal Alloy Plastic Down Lighting 19-127mm

The hole saws and is suitable for drilling in wood, alloys and plastics.

They are made from heat treated hardened steel.

Set includes a hex wrench, twist drill, arbours.

Made from high quality steel.

The hole saws range in size from 19mm (3/4") to 127mm (5") diameter, and are designed to be fitted to the two supplied pilot drill bits with shank arbours.

Package contained within a plastic holding case.


• 19mm (3/4")
• 22mm (7/8")
• 25mm (1")
• 32mm (1.25")
• 38mm (1.49")
• 44mm (2.25")
• 51mm (2")
• 64mm (2.52")
• 76mm (3")
• 89mm (3.5")
• 102mm (4.01")
• 127mm (5")


• Both have 1/4" pilot bits and 10mm hex fittings. Large mandrel for use with the larger hole saws.

Set Includes:

• 12 HSS hole saws
• 2 Drill adaptors (Mandrels) included
• Allen key
• Drive plate
• Plastic storage case

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