Selleys - High Temp RTV Silicone

Selleys - High Temp RTV Silicone

High-Temp RTV Silicone (Gray)

Makes gaskets that resist high temperatures and most fluids.

Ideal for : 

Crankshaft gasket

Oil pumps

Gearboxes and pumps

Water pumps

Features : 

Forms gaskets instantly from the tube – any size, any shape

Instants gasket cures to a tough Silicone

Rubber which outperforms and replaces conventional paper, cork or rubber gaskets

Instant gasket flows into every space or unevenness between surfaces perfectly for a tough and high pressure seal

Resist high temperatures

Resist ageing, water, oil, grease and vibrations

Directions : 

Remove old gasket material from mating surfaces and clean with turpentine or petrol. If adhesion of the gasketing is not required, wipe mating surfaces with an oily cloth.

Pierce blind seal in tube, fit nozzle and cut to required size; eg. 3mm for stamped parts and 1.5mm for cast parts. 

Squeeze a bead of sealant onto one of the surfaces to be joined, around the perimeter of the part and around bolt holes.

Join the parts together within 10 minutes and bolt down to the desired torgue. If thicker gasket is required, assemble but do not tighten bolts for 24 hours.

Material cures in 48 hours. (when disassembly is required, pry the two flanges apart and remove the old sealant before reassembly.)

After use remove nozzle and replace cap. Allow sealant to cure in nozzle and remove before next use.

Tips : 

Not recommended where temperatures exceed 343˚C/650˚F (such as exhaust manifolds) or for contact with gasoline or distillate. When eliminating cork gaskets, ensure that adequate clearance remains for mechanical parts, eg. valve rocker covers (in these cases do not fully tighten until sealant has cured

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