Wessbond - 4 minute steel epoxy

Wessbond - 4 minute steel epoxy


Wessbond 4 Minute Steel Epoxy is a two part fast action clear epoxy that has good strength, durability and chemical resistance. It is easy to use, just mix equal amount of Part A and Part B until the mixture is consistent and apply on areas to be patched, sealed, filled, glued, etc.

Dry in approximately four minutes and full strength is after 8 hours. It has very negligible shrinkage and can be applied as one thick layer since its harden by chemical reaction of the epoxy resin and hardener. It bonds to a very wide range of materials including metals, wood, concrete, rigid plastics, crystal glass, fiberglass, ceramic, etc.

When hardened, t can be sanded, filled, drilled, painted, etc.

  • Steel Filled Epoxy
  • Fills cracks effectively
  • Can be drilled, tap, machine, sand or painted over
  • Works well  on all metals, wood, plastics and ceramics

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